Ocean Heroes is Elevating Youth Leadership

Young people are getting a chance to come together and make a difference

By Plastiki Team

Ocean Heroes is launching its first-ever regional Bootcamp, December 6-13, in the Caribbean to give young leaders “how-to” training on protecting the oceans and fighting against plastic pollution. The online event is free for those who register on their website by November 30th.  

By giving young people a platform with peers who share their passion, Ocean Heroes is creating a space for emerging leaders to get inspired and develop skills that can be used to make tangible impacts. This past year we got to see the determination and ingenuity of their spring 2020 Bootcamp participants in action. 

In collaboration with Ocean Heroes, we created a Plastiki Prize for their young group of changemakers. Together we held a competition for the best ideas around tackling plastic pollution in their local environments. There were two categories: activism and artivism. Participants submitted campaigns that either had direct impacts through action or communicated the issue through art. What we received showed us an amazing amount of creativity and commitment to the environment. 

If these young leaders are the future, the future looks hopeful. 

For their December Bootcamp, Ocean Heroes has teamed up with Youth for the Caribbean, Plastic Free Cayman, Guardians of the Reef and Fishes n’ Fins to unite youth, youth leaders, NGOs, scientists and policymakers around three core areas: Plastic Pollution, Marine Conservation, and Ocean Connection. 

Become an Ocean Hero here.